Violin Private Lessons

Your background?
I started learning violin age 3, piano and solfege age 10, viola age 18.
Toho Music School (Tokyo) – Bachelor of Music degree in violin performance
San Francisco Conservatory of Music – Master of Music degree in Violin performance
Nova Vista Symphony – concertmaster
Synchronicity Strings – violinist
Concerto soloist

What inspired you to take up violin?
Although I don’t remember, I saw my friend was taking a violin lesson. Then I asked my parents when would I start the instrument. When I make music with musical friends, I felt so happy and decided to keep studying music to be better.

Your guiding principle?
Everyone has own style of learning. I would take care what is the best way to improve for each students’ levels and ages. Try new things and find joy of making music.

What music books you use?
Here are the books I would recommend you to use. All depends on the students’ levels.
S. Suzuki – Violin School
J. Rhoda – The ABCs of Violin
M. Shinozaki – Violin Method, book 1 and 2 (in Japanese)
Hohmann – Practical Violin Method, book 2 and 3

Etude & Scales
Hrimaly – Scale Studies
Kayser – 36 Etudes
Sevcik – School of Violin Technique
Dont – 24 Preparatory Exercises, Op.37
Rode – 24 Caprices
Kreutzer – 42 Studies

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