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Two instruments – one heart” – anonymous (Santa Cruz)

I loved every minute. Don’t change anything!” – Norma & Harry D. (Santa Cruz)

“Dear Adrian and Eri,
You are both captivatingly musical, dynamic, energetic, lyrical. I think what made the evening very special for me was the amazing musical connection the two of you have. I barely saw you even glance at each other, but even so you were perfectly together and seemed to be on the same musical journey. Thanks so much for such an enjoyable and special evening!” – Clair H. (Los Altos)

Adrian & Eri are an amazing duo. The blend of the sounds are superb. Adrian’s fingers are flying over the keys at one moment and then later gracefully extracting a delicate sound from the piano. Eri has the expertise to conjure up rich warm tones while displaying profound emotion. I highly recommend this duo at your next gathering or event.” – Naomi (San Francisco)

Much music
Much amaze
Such duo
Such music to my ears.” – Aragon High School (San Mateo), March 25, 2014

“Thank you so much for playing for our class! You two were both amazing violin and piano players and I hope I can become as talented at the violin too. The pieces you played were very pretty and amazing. Thank you and congratulations on getting married!”

“I really like the phrasing and musicality. You play together really well. Great communication. I like how you move when you play.”

“It’s enjoyable to see and listen to how the violinist and pianist play their parts so that they support each other. Nice expression conveyed through articulation, body movement, etc.”

“Good bow control. Always in sync. Obvious dynamic changes. Piano does not overpower.”

“A great use of techniques. Seems like she’s very passionate and into the music. Very good. Liked all the music. Had a great sound.”

‘Very fluid phrasing. Both musicians transition between phrases together. Violinist looks at the grand often.”

“In sync and very amazing to hear.”

“I like how the violin and piano build off of each other.”

“The piano and violin go very well together and they are very well fitting and play very well. They are both very good musicians.”

“Good job. You are really good.”

“Piano and the violin where ok sync together during the whole piece. It was very good.”

“I really enjoyed listening. The music was really nice and beautiful to listen to. You had my undivided attention the whole time. I loved how you two play in perfect harmony.”

“The first piece was very nice. I really enjoyed the liveliness of the piece, and you both executed it very well. The last piece was very dramatic and exciting. The last piece was definitely my favorite!”

“You gay are very good at playing your instruments. I liked how Eri uses a lot of bow. You both made the last song intense by all the dynamics you used.”

“Not only are your duets perfectly synchronized and well rehearsed, they contain a lot of the elegance from the classical era. The simple length of each sonata is astonishing and it must have taken a lot of patience to learn each. Overall, it was a pleasure to listen to you guys!”

“Very good changes in dynamics (noticeable). Lively/fun to watch. Great tone and quality of notes. I can tell how much you practice.”

“I likes how there was great dynamic contrast to bring out the emotion in the piece. And to so so, the bow was either closer to the bridge or the fingerboard. Also, the trills were very clear on the violin.”

“Very handsome pianist and elegant violinist. Very lively sonata. Loved the E-flat major theme. Very expressive.” – Anders Z. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Uplifting tones. Well-rehearsed pieces. Energetic. Overall good performance. I enjoy classical music especially by Mozart. Very interesting to hear live sonatas. Thank you,” – Winston L. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“The piano and violin are very synchronized throughout the pieces. The music was very interesting because of frequent speed change. Very lively and energetic.” – Naseem S. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Piano and violin work together nicely. Dynamics bring out piece. Violin emphasizes certain notes to give the piece a life of its own. Flows smoothly. Piano doesn’t outshine violin. Coexist perfectly.” – Ethan P. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“They played very well and with a lot of energy. I can tell that they worked hard on the pieces and they sounded really good. It’s cool how they are married and work together doing something they both love to do.” – Regina, Aria, David, Brenda, Wrestle, and Stefany – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“He is nice. He is smart and can easily read the music. They are always together. They keep the same tempo. Their notes are never out of tune. They’re good at playing fast.” – Lauren C. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Overall gives off a lighthearted mood. The changes in dynamics are very significant, and it brings out the melody more. The piano and the violin are synchronized very well. I personally really liked the softness and the smoothness of the violin, and how the piano/violin parts complimented each other.
Thank you for the performance 🙂 “- Anonymous – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Able to start together without looking at each other. Expressive. Good articulation. Good hair.” – Emmaline F. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Good dynamics. I really like how the sounds blend together. When parts are the same it is very together and on best. I like when the piano sounds playful. Very expressive. Good phrasing.” – Emma W. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Notes articulated very good. Good dynamics. Good expression-phrasing. Consistent tempo. Good call and response. Good bow distribution.” – Michelle C. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Really good bow control. Expression of the styles is clear. Good rhythm and good timing and expression of the call and response within the song. Good dynamics no one performer is too loud and no one is overpowered. Good articulation. Interesting tone. Good job.” – John G. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Good balance between piano and violin. Very together and synchronized. Clean cut offs. Good intonation and dynamics. Work well together. Clean trills.
The C Major Sonata K. 303:
Showed a lot of emotion. Definite dynamic contrast. Use distinctive body language to signal each other.
The E-flat Major Sonata K. 302:
The violin and piano are able to play together and almost form one sound. The tone that they are playing matches each other.” – Kristan H. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Piano dynamics are great. Obviously a piano is a percussion instrument with strings, but he is able to make it sound like he slurs some notes with the violin. He can probably type really fast. Very good transitions between movements.” – Jon H. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“I like how they had big dynamic changes even though they are only two musicians. I like his big notebook. He plays really fast.” – Theodore – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“The sync of both the pianist and violinist was amazing especially after rests and single note melodies or unisons. Good dynamic: makes it nice and fun to listen to so I don’t fall asleep.” – Jason L. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“I like the echo parts. Strong dynamic contrast. Sounds blend together very nicely. Strong tone. I liked it when one played shorter notes, the other played long, held out notes. Very expressive. Happy, light, cheerful mood. Musicality made it very interesting to listen to. The evoke a lot of emotion. Great job!” – Parisa K. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Very cool and personable. Great experience to hear them play. They were true to the past (era) accordingly, had dynamics, tone, pitch, etc. Awesome!” – Jacob H. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Very good phrasing. Nice dynamic contrast. Great use of lower half of bow. Displays control.” – Wesley L. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Good dynamics and exchange of dynamics. Neither the violinist nor the pianist was overpowering. Violinist uses both bow but also her fingers to articulate. She used the whole bow for legato bowings.” – Victoria V. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Tone quality for both violin and piano was really good. Nice contrast in movements. Showed good control over all aspects of the instruments.” – Dillon K. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Amazing pitch, intonation and phrasing.” – Vivian – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Very good coordination between parts. Wonderful form. I enjoyed the performance.” – Ben M. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Dynamics are strong and obvious. Piano does a good job accompanying the violin. Sound beautiful together. Bowing is great and seamless. Violinist is great. Good intonation.” – Nia G. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“There was a lot of call and response. Many trills. Absolutely stellar. Some of the endings of Mozart sonatas are a little counter intuitive.” – Diego L. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Incredibly in sync – knows exactly when to come in and the tempo is consistent. Style of their playing follows the style of the music and time period. Both compliment one another (piano doesn’t overshadow violin). Both use dynamics and emphasize them. The girl plays beautifully and her intonation is accurate and beautiful!!! Executed the music perfectly.” – Denny C. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Adrian made many movements that were enjoyable to watch. Many variations in dynamics added a nice effect. Both played with good tone and intonation.” – Douglas K. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Very bright violin. Technical playing. Her playing is really aggressive. Satisfying trills. Piano is really expressive. The way he plays is so effortless. Satisfying to watch.” – Alen G – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Very light and graceful touch on both instruments. Good at creating different types of sounds. Very good coordination between pianist and violinist. Even weight of bow in the double stops. Damn! those dynamics! Great expression on both sides! Thanks for playing.” – Anonymous – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“Good dynamic contrast. Together. The emotions have been felt. Really good at sustaining tones/moods suddenly. Violin seems to be loose. I like the piano. Very relaxed.” – Antony C. – Aragon High School (San Mateo)

“They are both consummate individual professionals, but also play in sync as a duo. Bravo!”- Brian (Santa Cruz), March 20, 2014

“Thank you for inviting us over for your home concert. It was fantastic! Please invite us over again!” – Rioka (San Jose)

“Fascinating and great sound even in a living room! Enjoyed vibrato and the strength of the sound on the violin.” – Emili (San Jose)

“I really liked how they both came together well and put a lot of emotion in their music.” – Anonymous (Mountain View), March 19, 2014

“….Was very good song that had many different moods. Beautiful!” – Carolyn D. (10yrs old – Los Altos)

“The performance was invigorating.
I have rarely heard Mozart played with such charm and grace.
Bravo!” – Karla R. (San Francisco), March 15, 2014

“The Duo Borcea combines stunning virtuosity with an exquisitely elegant expressive voice.
Their rendition of the Mozart Violin Sonatas was simply superb.
I can’t wait to hear more from these two.” – Jacob J. (San Francisco)

“Adrian and Eri brought us a great evening of beautiful and sweet music at our private home event. Their duet performance is just perfect. Adrian’s free style and Eri’s great violin technique makes such a strong musical combination. We had a fun, friendly night with close friends.” – Mrs. Vu (San Francisco)

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